• Speak Up - Part 1

    Saints, I know that most of you are setting goals for your future and that is a good thing. However, God says He has a plan for you and He says He wants you to be successful. But in order to change things you need to start “Speaking UP” and giving voice to God’s promises. Mark 11:23 Says you can have what you say. Learn in this series how to Speak to your situations and gain access into the supernatural through God’s Word. You don’t have to wait one more day.

  • Taking Back what Satan Stole

    Saints, Satan is like giant termite who slowly eats away at your life—Stealing your health, your finances or anything he can get away with. But you need to know that according to Proverbs 6:31, God said if you can identify the thief he has to give it back seven times. Learn in this series how you can recover your goods.

  • Mountain Moving Faith

    Saints, I believe that through these two messages, “Mountain Moving Faith” and “Faith Speaks”, like Abraham, you will learn how to speak to your mountains and not waver in your faith. Abraham believed that God would make good on what He said; and when you embrace the One who brought Jesus to life you will know that “All things are possible with God” and “For the one who believes all things are possible”.

  • Spirit, Soul & Body Illustration

    Pastor Jo illustrates the difference between Spirit, Soul & Body and explains why it is important for you to renew your mind with the Word of God.

  • Understanding Spirit, Soul & Body - Part 1

    Saints, I believe as you listen to or watch this series you will better understand how your Spirit, Soul and Body work. You will learn that the real you is the Spirit and by renewing your mind you can receive the blessings from God that He has for you. And you will learn how to keep your Flesh from ruling you.

WORD for the Week from Pastor Jo

  • The Love of Money: “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”  – Matt. 6:21 (NLT) Why am I talking about money? Because it is a critical issue for many Christians; because it exerts such a powerful pull on the human heart! Saints, the world lies to you and says that money will buy you security, power, freedom, identity, pleasure and happiness. And “IT IS TRUE” but it last only for the moment. Money promises much, but it demands even more. Many of God’s children are in lack. I suggest you do as your Father says and put Him to the TEST (Malachi 3:10). Trust God and He will surely open up His windows just for you. Saints, do you want to be Free of lack? Trust the One who owns it all. Hallelujah!

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