Prayer for “Mountain Moving Faith”

Father, thank You that according to Your Word, You have given us all a measure of Your faith — Mountain Moving faith. Hallelujah!
And it was through that same faith that Abraham became the father of many Nations; and it was not because he lived like a saint and did everything right, but because You made something out of Abraham even when he was a No Body because he dared to trust You.
Father, I pray that we will all have that same kind of faith and trust in You — the faith to trust You to do what You said You would do.
Even though things in the natural may seem hopeless right now, help us not to focus on what we can’t do Lord, but on what Your Word said You would do for us.
Help us get a revelation that we must mix our faith with Your Word. You said Your Word is near us even in our mouths and we have been given the power and the authority to speak to our mountains; and Your Word like a hammer will break into pieces the rock of most stubborn resistance. Amen.

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