Prayer for 'Jesus Our First Love'

Father, I thank You for Jesus, and I thank You for His sacrifice. I pray, Lord, that we will love others as You have loved us. You loved us so much that You gave Your life for us. Thank You, Jesus. Help us, O Lord, to understand that we do not have to do anything to receive Your love, that Your desire for us is not to keep doing so many things to please You. But You want us to know that You're already pleased with us, that we pleased You when we accepted You, Lord Jesus, as our Lord and Savior. I pray, O God, that we will get that spirit of excitement back that we had when we first invited You into our hearts. For when You first came into our hearts, we were all so excited, filled with this overwhelming love for You. Father, I pray that You will forgive us for getting caught up in our own works and no longer putting You first place in our lives. Help us, Lord, to never forget the One that we're doing the works for, that You want us more than You want our works, and You love us for us, and not based on what we do. You love us based on Your works. Could it really be so simple, Lord, that we have been doing all this busy stuff, when all You really want is for us to love You and to do likewise with our brothers and sisters? My prayer, Father, is that we'll get back on the right path and love our Lord God with all of our hearts, soul, and our entire minds, and to love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen and amen.

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