Prayer for "The Power of God's Word"

Father, I thank You that You have created us to be speaking spirits, and as You spoke all things into existence, You have created us in Your image. So we can call those things to be nought as though they are, thank You Jesus. I thank You God, that when we speak Your Word, it has such power that martyrs have staked their lives on it, and still do. Your Word has such power that governments cannot overthrow it, no matter how hard they try. Hallelujah! Your Word, Lord, has such power that it holds together time and eternity. Praise God. I thank You, Father, that You are Your Word, and You have given us the power and authority to speak it. Help us to understand, oh Lord, that everything that is going on in our lives and our circumstances is in complete relationship to the words we choose to speak. Help us to get a revelation today that according to Your Word, if we want to see good days, we must be more aware of the words coming out of our mouths. And when we speak words of lack and sickness, we’re opening up the door for satan to come in. Lord, for the courage not to do that. I pray, Lord, today that we will begin to speak Your Word, and see those things begin to turn around in our lives and those mountains come down. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen and Amen.


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