Prayer for "Your Heart Believes What it Hears Your Mouth Say"

Father, I thank You that according to Your Word I will be held accountable for every idle, nonworking word I speak and that my mouth is my tool for implementing, for my mouth is the most influential voice in my life. Help us, Lord, to understand that our mouth is our weapon against satan and satan will deceive us into using our own mouths against ourselves in our health and in our finances and in our families. Lord, You said that Your Word will not return unto You void. So I pray, Lord, that You will help us pray Your Word so we will get the right results.

Lord, You said one powerful way to pray is to pray the prayer of agreement, to have someone come into agreement with us. Your Word says that one can put a thousand to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight and two is mightier than one. Hallelujah! You said, Lord, that if two people on earth agree on anything here on earth that Your Father in Heaven would accept it. Praise God!

Thank You, Jesus. I thank You, Lord, that according to Matthew 18:20 that where two or more gathered in Your Name, there You are in the midst of them and it is Your Presence that produces the answers to our prayers. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus. In Jesus’ Name I pray.





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