Consider the Cost

The Lord showed me that we have to “Consider the Cost” of the foundation that we are building every day with every word that comes from our mouths. We are in a war Saints, whether we choose to believe it or not will not change the fact that we are. And, it’s a Spiritual Battle. The only weapon that can be used to “Fight this War" is the Word of God...not armor tanks, not bombs, not guns, but the word of God only.


Prayer for "Consider the Cost"

Father, I thank You that You are our foundation. Your Word is our foundation, for without Your Word, we will have no faith. I thank You, Lord, that it is through confessing Your Word that we're building a more firm foundation. Lord, help us to consider the cost of the foundation that we're building every day with every word that comes from our mouths. Help us to realize that we are in a spiritual battle. And the only weapon that we can use to fight this war is Your Word. Not armor tanks, not bombs, and not guns, but the Word of God only. Hallelujah! I thank You, Father, that You love us so much and that it is Your desire that Your children win their battles over the sickness in our bodies and over our finances, and break that spirit of fear that satan has put on us. Help us, O Lord, to understand that there is nothing to fear, for You have us in the palm of Your hands. And You, Lord, have given Your angels charge over us who excel in strength, who do Your Word, heeding to the voice of Your Word. Hallelujah. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen. And amen.

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