I Believe God

I Believe God...friends,  sometimes we all get caught up in a storm like Paul did in Acts 27:25...and most of the time it's because we didn't listen to the Holy Spirit. However, thanks be to God our Father, He will always come to our rescue when we repent and call upon Him. In Paul's case it was the others that didn't listen to Paul, but God sent an angel to his rescue to let him know that he would not be hurt. And Paul BELIEVED GOD. In this message you will be encouraged to Believe God too.


Prayer: I Believe God

Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness, and even when we’re not faithful in listening to the Holy Spirit that You’re still always there to rescue us from our storms. Thank You, Jesus. I thank You that You are not a respecter of persons and just as You sent an angel to help reassure Paul when he was in his storm, I believe that You would do the same for us. Help us to get a revelation that we belong to and serve the same God that Paul did. Help us to take courage when the enemy comes against us knowing that the Spirit of God lives in us - Hallelujah! And like Paul, I believe it will be just as You have promised, just as You said in Your Word. Father, thank you that we don’t have a form of godliness but we want to experience the real thing and not just a form of it. We want to experience breakthroughs, healings, and miracles in our lives. We recognise that we have the real thing living inside of us, and we’ve been given the real power. Thank You, Jesus! Not just a form of it, but the real thing. Thank You, Lord, that You have given us authority over all demons and over all sickness according to Luke 10:19. Thank You, Lord that you are with us, the mighty warrior who saves. You are our refuge and our strength and an ever-present help in trouble - Hallelujah! In the Name of Jesus we praise You. Amen and Amen.

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