A Man After God's Own Heart

Friends, we all know that we are living in a different world today than what we are accustomed to. There is evil all around every corner. In this message you will be reassured that our God is mightier than any devil or demon and their days are numbered... to God be the Glory.


Prayer: Man After God's Own Heart

Father, we thank You for all the divine connections that You bring across our path, connections that will help us fulfil the call that you have on our lives. Lord, help us to get a revelation that our battle is not with flesh and blood but it is with the devil and his demons, and even though they are destined for destruction, they can be a hindrance to our calling now. Lord, help us to understand that our best offensive action is with the Word of God and prayer. Father, I pray as a child of God that I will not be ignorant to satan’s devices and know that one of his favorite ploys is to keep us busy, focusing on the things of the world, keeping us busy with worldly problems and pursuits, keeping us busy so we don’t recognise that we’re in a spiritual battle. But we are indeed at war. Father, help us to be more aware of the devil’s devices, weapons, and his tactics for our spiritual life depends on our awareness. We ask You, oh Lord, to magnify our Spirit of discernment so we’ll be quick to recognise these false teachers and preachers that are using Your Word for their own personal gain. These false teachers are nothing more than salesmen with religious ideas and experts at deceiving us. Help us, oh Lord, to be more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to make sure that our foundation is in Christ Jesus, our Rock. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen and Amen.

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