Prepare to Stand Your Ground

Saints, there is power in your voice (words). In other words your mountain knows your voice. What does that mean? It means your mouth is one of your most powerful resources, and your tongue is your answer. God created with His Words and so can you. And whether or not you are aware of it, you are creating your future everyday by the words coming out of your mouth. In this series, “Prepare to Stand Your Ground” you will learn how to win more of your battles.


Prayer for “Prepare to Stand Your Ground”

Father, I thank You that this is a time of an Awaking, a time of being refreshed by Your Word, a time to learn to Stand our ground.
Help us to understand Lord that Your Word is Spirit and life and that Your Word never fails. According to John 17:17, Thy Word is Truth. You said that we have made null Your Word by Traditions that have destroyed the authority of Your Word.
I thank You that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus and as new creations in Christ, we are a part of Your kingdom and we need to have our minds renewed to the Truth - Your Truth.
Help us Lord to renew our minds “To Kingdom Thinking” for it is only by Your truth that we can truly be set free. According to Your word, You live in us and You have given us Power of Attorney to use Your name, authorizing us to use your name to cast out demons, to bind and loose, to lay hands on the sick and see them fully cured.
For You said Lord, whoever believes in You will also do the works that You do and even greater things. Thank You Jesus! Faith in the name of Jesus and Faith in the power of the Word of God is all we need to do these greater things. Amen.

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