Soldiers of the King of Kings

Friends, I believe as Soldiers for our Lord we want to know all that we can so we can be better be more prepared to do battle with our enemy Satan. This message will help you to be better prepared to "STAND" no matter what he brings against you.


Prayer: Soldiers of the King

Father, I thank You for being our Father, and before I even begin my prayer, I want to thank You for Your Presence in our lives, and recognise that no matter what it looks like in the natural, that You have not forgotten Your children, that You’re always working behind the scenes doing battle for us. I realise that as we look around, we see evil everywhere and we acknowledge that we’re in a spiritual battle, a war against the evil forces of this world and how important it is for us to keep our God-given armor on - Praise God - to know that we are soldiers of the King of Kings, and the only way that we can keep our armor on is to stay in Your Word, and guard against messages that only tickle our ears, words that have no power. We acknowledge that satan has filled the mouths of many prophets with a lying spirit. Father, there are so many that are thirsting and hungering for a word of encouragement, and I pray that they will seek after Your truth, and they will put on the armor that You have provided for them so that they can go through their battle without being affected by it. Your armor, oh Lord, will protect us from satan’s fiery darts. For that is what the shield of faith does. It quenches every fiery dart that satan throws our way so we can withstand in the evil day against all of satan’s strategies and schemes. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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