Speaking to Your Mountains (Part 2: Making Every Word Count)

Speaking to Your Mountains

According to Mark 11:23, "...whosoever says to this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea' and does not doubt at all in his heart, but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him." The ability to overcome our circumstances is in His Word. And we have to learn how to release that ability by speaking and "rightly dividing the Word of God”. The key to moving your mountain is in your mouth.

Part 1: Speaking to Your Mountains


Prayer for Speaking to Your Mountain

Father, I thank You that your Word is near me today, in my mouth and in my heart, for with the heart a person believes and with the mouth he confesses.

Lord I thank You that I shall use my mouth today to speak to my mountains to speak over my body, over my finances and over my family and in the name of Jesus these mountains will come down.

No Word of God is ever without power or fulfillment and when I open my mouth it will have no choice but to obey me. Thank You Jesus.

 Father, I thank You that You have qualified me to share in this inheritance. You have drawn me to Yourself out of the control and dominion of darkness and have brought me into the kingdom of Your Dear Son (Col. 1:12-13)

I shall set my mind and keep it set on what is above and not on the things that are on the earth (Phil.4:8). I listen to You, I hear Your Voice. Therefore I live securely and I am at ease from the dread of evil.

I avoid snares because I keep a bridle on my tongue at all times. I am standing and acting on the truths of Your Word Lord. Speaking Words of faith which edifies and ministers grace to the hearers, which also encourages me.

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