The Unseen

Friends, you may not have given much thought to the words you speak, however, the first thing that God did was not to create the heavens and earth, but "To Say". He said "Let There Be" and it was. There are so many unseen things that are yours that you still have not received from God. I believe this message will help you in getting those unseen things...hopes, dreams, etc.


Prayer for the Unseen

Father, I thank You that through the hearing of Your Word, our faith continues to be increased. And as our faith increases and we begin to speak out those faith filled words, You are able to bring into existence the Unseen things - things that are brought forth and created by the words we speak.
I thank you Father, that we serve a God who created all things with your words and all things are still being held together by Your Words. Hallelujah!
Help us to understand Lord that you have created us in your image and made us speaking spirits with the same ability to call those things from the Unseen into the seen.
Help us also to understand that all things we see in the natural are temporary and the things we can’t see are eternal and when we begin to give voice to your words things will begin to change, mountains will move.
I pray Lord, that we will begin to see things through your eyes and recognize that Faith is the conviction of things that our eyes cannot see and that it is by giving voice to your words and promises, that the things we long for will become a reality. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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