Words Have Power

You need to know that when you learn to speak God’s language and begin to speak it, His Words will act like a laser cutting through your circumstances and through the mountains in your life. David took God’s Word and ran towards his enemy Goliath and you will too, when you realize the power of God is in His Word. This message also includes the prayer of increase that will help you get started with laying hold of the things God wants for you.

Prayer the Prayer of Increase


Prayer for Increase

Father, I thank You, that as I give Voice to Your Word that You are active and alert to perform it (Jer.1: 12).  And Your angels the mighty ones who do Your commandants, are hearkening to the Voice of Your Word (Psa. 103: 20). I thank You Lord Jesus that You are the High priest over my confessions and that Your Word has instructed me to call those things that be not as though they are (Rom4:17), so as I pray these confessions over my life. I pray a special anointing over every word. Thank You Lord.

I declare that,

1. 2014 is my year for increase more and more. It’s my year for restoration as never before.

 2. 2014 is the year my greatest barriers will come crashing down and a flood of God’s presence will be all around.

3. 2014 is my year for God’s goodness to be out poured, and every door that’s been shut will be shut no more. Praise the Lord (Isa.22:22)

4. 2014, I decree, is the year of Great Blessings for my family and me.

5.  2014 is the year that I will experience great explosions and widespread increase in every area of my life (Psa. 115:14: May the Lord give me increase more and more, me and my children. V. 12 Thank You Lord that You have been mindful of me, Praise God; You will bless me, You will bless my house and the houses of my children.Thank You Jesus).

Father, I thank You that my latter years are going to be much greater and rewarding than my former years. Thank You Lord that You have saved the best for last. Praise Your Holy Name Lord. Amen and Amen.

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