You Are Not a Grasshopper, You Are a Giant Slayer

What is the grasshopper mentality? It means looking at your problem and making it so big… And looking at the promises of God, and making them so small. In this message, I would like to help you remember some of your history. The 10 spies did not see their history, they did not recall the Red Sea, the mana, or the water coming out of a rock. All they saw was the problem….

Prayer for "You Are Not a Grasshopper, You Are a Giant Slayer"

Father, I thank You that You have given each of Your children an excellent memory so we can be like a David and bring back to our remembrance all the miracles that You have blessed us with. I thank You, Lord, that we are not like the ten spies who forgot about their past victories. They forgot about how you opened the sea for them to go through on dry land. They forgot about the manna that You provided for them so they wouldn't be hungry. They forgot about how You quenched their thirst with water coming from a rock. Hallelujah. They forgot about their past history. They did not remember that it was You, Lord, who always brought them through. Praise God! I thank You, Lord, that You are the same today, yesterday, and will be the same forevermore. Help us, Lord, to never forget our past history and I pray that You will help us to always bring back to our remembrance all the battles that You have won for us. Thank You, Jesus. Help us, Lord, not to forget our yesterdays when we're facing the giants of today. And help us to remember that You are the Host of the armies and will fight for us. In Jesus name I praise You, and I thank You. Amen, and amen.

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