• I Am Who I Say I Am

    Saints, this is a message that the Lord gave me for our “Empowered 2018: Experience the Holy Spirit Conference”. In this message you will be encouraged by the awesome testimony of a 5 year old that was miraculously healed by the Lord. You will also learn that the way to receive from God is through child-like faith, through trust and humility as a gift of the mercy and grace of God.

  • I've Changed My Mind

    Saints, we all want more out of life than probably what we have been experiencing. According to God’s Word, the way we will get these things is by Renewing our Minds to His way of thinking. To Change and renew our minds you have to Confess His Word on a daily bases. We are New Creatures and we must Think and Act like New Creatures. Just because you have been Conditioned to Think a certain way does mean you can’t change.

  • Victory Over Weakness

    Saints, my desire is that as you listen to this message you will realize that there are MANY different types of TEMPTATIONS. But, I pray as you listen you will get a revelation that God has PROMISED TO MAKE A WAY OF ESCAPE for every Temptation you encounter (1 Cor. 10:13) and based on Luke 10:19 He has given you POWER & AUTHORITY to resist these temptations.

  • Be Careful Little Tongue

    Saints, change your words and you will change your world. Understand that the right words spoken to you and the right words spoken over you will change your life. Words are powerful – you give an assignment to every word you speak.

  • Love Moves Mountains

    Saints, I feel in my spirit that the Lord is getting ready to shift all of us in a new direction. Our lives are about to take on a whole new meaning. We all have mountains in our lives that only one thing can move. That one thing is LOVE. I teach the importance of Speaking God's Word, but if we don't have love in our hearts none of our confessions will work. We need to get our first love back (Rev 2:4) and then the Shifting will begin. Don't replace His love with your works. Love is more important.

  • Stand Even When You Are Afraid

    Saints, in this message you will be encouraged to STAND in the face of danger whether you are a male of female. Satan attacks us one and all. He is not selective about his prey. I believe you will have faith to stand knowing that we serve the one and only Supreme God of the heavens above and the earth below. Rahab was afraid but she trusted the God she had heard so much about and you can too.

  • 72 Hour Turnaround

    Saints, the Lord tells us not to grow weary while doing good (Gal 6:9) for in due season you will reap if you do not lose heart. In this message, you will see how God turns things around in just 3 short days (72 hours) for David, Job and Saul. And He will do the same for you. Thank you, Jesus!

  • Voice Profiling

    Saints, you may not be aware of this but software can now pick up micro-signatures in your voice that reveal telling details about you – like your age, mood, facial features, even your environment. It's a concept called Voice Profiling. This is nothing new according to the book of James, chapter 3. Technology is confirming what the Bible has always told us. That is your voice is the most powerful weapon you have.

  • God's Prescription for Healing Faith

    Saints, here is what God says about Healing. He says if you will cry out to Him, He will heal you (Psalm 30:2). His Word says He SNATCHED you from the door of death. In this message you will learn that all you need to get SNATCHED FROM DEATH is a Word, and you have a whole book of them. Remember active believing includes Speaking and Doing.

  • Decree Your Today

    Saints, according to Job 22:28, you can decree and declare a thing and God will establish it for you. You will learn in this message you may have inherited much of your past, but you can create your future JUST BY CHANGING YOUR CONFESSIONS. Spiritually speaking we all carry a loaded gun below our noses; it is called a MOUTH. Use it to bless your future not curse it.