• Prayer: Faith in the Unseen

    Father, I thank You for my heart overflows with love and praise for You, and I thank You for our faith that comes from reading and hearing Your Word. I thank You that our faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things that we cannot see. Our faith in You, Lord, convinces us that You created this world through Your Word and what can be seen was made by You through something that could not be seen. And even though we may have troubles, we have faith that they won’t last long for our eyes are upon You.

  • Prayer: Man After God's Own Heart

    Father, we thank You for all the divine connections that You bring across our path, connections that will help us fulfil the call that you have on our lives. Lord, help us to get a revelation that our battle is not with flesh and blood but it is with the devil and his demons, and even though they are destined for destruction, they can be a hindrance to our calling now. Lord, help us to understand that our best offensive action is with the Word of God and prayer.

  • Prayer: I Believe God

    Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness, and even when we’re not faithful in listening to the Holy Spirit that You’re still always there to rescue us from our storms. Thank You, Jesus. I thank You that You are not a respecter of persons and just as You sent an angel to help reassure Paul when he was in his storm, I believe that You would do the same for us. Help us to get a revelation that we belong to and serve the same God that Paul did. Help us to take courage when the enemy comes against us knowing that the Spirit of God lives in us - Hallelujah!

  • Prayer: Soldiers of the King

    Father, I thank You for being our Father, and before I even begin my prayer, I want to thank You for Your Presence in our lives, and recognise that no matter what it looks like in the natural, that You have not forgotten Your children, that You’re always working behind the scenes doing battle for us.

  • Prayer for Sending You Out Like Sheep Among Wolves

    Father, I thank you that no matter what it looks like in the natural - and in the natural right now, it looks like our enemy satan has turned our world upside down, filling it with all kinds of evil, turning it into a frightening place, calling evil good and good evil - but praise the Lord, we know that even though we are in this world as Christians, we are not of this world! Our true home is not in this simple world, it is in heaven. Hallelujah! And though we have been sent out like sheep among wolves, as your righteous ones, we shall live by faith and we refuse to shrink back.

  • Prayer for The Seed of The Righteous shall be Delivered

    Father, I thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus. I thank You that it was through the shedding of His blood that we and our loved ones can now be saved and enter into Your Kingdom. Father, there are so many that have lost their way and don't even know You. Lord, there are thousands upon thousands that are still waiting in the valley of decision. I ask You, Lord, to draw them to Yourself this week. Lord, penetrate their hearts and minds so that they will think about You and recieve Jesus as their Savior.

  • Prayer for Believers are not Beggars

    Father... I thank you... for being such a generous Father... and for providing for Your children the things we need... so we don’t have to live as the unbelievers do...but we have a Father ...who has made us the lender and not the borrower...Praise the Lord...

    And according to your word in Deut. Lord will open up your storehouse, the heavens, to give rain to our land in its season... and to Bless ALL the work of our hands...Thank You Jesus...

    And you have promised that we will lend too many nations... but borrow from NONE..

  • Prayer For “It's Time To Take A Stand”

    Father I thank you ...that you have created us to be Warriors...warriors of the most High did not create us to run when trouble comes our way...but you have instructed us to “STAND” in the face of trouble knowing that the battle is not ours ...but Yours....

    You have instructed us to put on “Your FULL Armor” that when the day of evil comes...we will be able to STAND our ground...and after we have done EVERYTHING” to continue to STAND...Hallelujah...

  • Prayer for Anointed and Appointed to be Warriors

    Father…according to your word... the thief has come to steal and destroy...but you sent your Son Jesus that we might have life...and to destroy the works of the enemy...

    Help us O Lord to understand that our enemy is like a termite that is steadily eating away at our lives...stealing and robbing us blind...robbing us of our health, families and our finances...and like a termite he moves in such a way that we aren’t even aware of it... until the damage has been done.

  • Prayer for Catch Those Thoughts

    Saints, did you know that your greatest enemy is sometimes SELF? How do you win the fight when the enemy is in your mind? It's never in your
    circumstances - it's always in your mind. Proverbs 23:7: "As a man thinks in his heart so is he." What am I saying? I am saying, "A person is limited only by the thoughts that he or she chooses." Saints, you cannot choose your circumstances, but you can choose your thoughts and surely indirectly shape your circumstances. You have to say, "WAIT A MINUTE DEVIL, IT'S OVER. I will no longer be a 'Minnie mouse' in my mind. I am Changing my mind. Today is a New Day. Today, I choose to Think and Say what God says about me." Thank You Jesus!