• Prayer for “Keep Your Guard Up”

    Father, I thank You that have You created each of us with unique characteristics and each one special and this wonderful transformation took place in our mother’s womb; that You knew us before we even took our first breath.

    You made all the delicate inner parts of our bodies and knitted us together in our mother’s womb. You watched us as we were being formed in utter seclusion as we were woven together in the dark of the womb.

  • Prayer for “Catch Those Thoughts”

    Father, I thank You that You have blessed us with a mind like no other - a mind that is sound. I pray that You will help us be obedient and bring every thought into captivity that does not line up with Your word.

    Help us understand that the thoughts we have play a major role in our everyday life; that our thoughts are affecting our health and affecting us in every aspect of our life.

  • Prayer for “Prepare to Stand Your Ground”

    Father, I thank You that this is a time of an Awaking, a time of being refreshed by Your Word, a time to learn to Stand our ground.
    Help us to understand Lord that Your Word is Spirit and life and that Your Word never fails. According to John 17:17, Thy Word is Truth. You said that we have made null Your Word by Traditions that have destroyed the authority of Your Word.
    I thank You that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus and as new creations in Christ, we are a part of Your kingdom and we need to have our minds renewed to the Truth - Your Truth.

  • Prayer for “The Power of Your Thoughts”

    Father, I thank You that You have provided us with everything we need to do battle in the spirit realm. You have equipped and empowered us as your soldiers, to stand our ground against our enemy Satan. And I thank You God that our enemies are Your enemies as well. Hallelujah!
    Father, help us to understand that You have created us in your image and your likeness and have given us a Christ like mind - a mind that can be renewed daily by feeding on your word and becoming doers as well as hearers.

  • Prayer for “Thinking Like Jesus”

    Father, I thank You that according to Your Word, Jesus came so His sheep will have an abundant life and so they will have everything they need. However, You said the thief (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
    You also said that Your sheep know Your voice and will not follow the voice of a stranger. I pray Lord, that today You will magnify Your voice even more so we can hear it more clearly; and as we hear your voice Lord, help us to begin to Only Speak what your word says to believe in our hearts and speak it out of our mouths.

  • Prayer for 'Never Settle for Less'

    Father, I thank You that this is the day that You have made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. I thank you that You have given us 365 days in which we have new opportunities to fulfill the plans You have for us.
    I thank You Lord, that You have predestined us in the way that we should go and You have personally planned in advance the work for each of us to do. I thank You that there are No 'Ifs' in your plans for us. The only 'If' in your plan for us is in obedience to do what you ask.

  • Prayer for 'You Get What You Say'

    Father, I pray that You will give us the wisdom and grace to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. I pray that You will open to us a door for the Word so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.
    We pray also that when we open our mouths, divine utterance may be given to us so that we will boldly make known the mystery of the gospel - the mystery that was hidden for ages and generations but is now revealed to His saints.

  • Prayer for 'The Wise and Foolish Builders'

    Father, I thank you for providing me with everything I need to become a Wise Builder. I don’t want to be a Foolish Builder, I want to be a wise builder and according to your Word the only way I can accomplish this is to build a Foundation on Your Word.
    A foundation that will stand through all outside Persecutions, cares, and attractions of this world or anything else that would interfere in my walk with you and affect my faith.
    We all know that Your Word is the Foundation, and Jesus is the Rock that it has to be built on.