• Prayer for "Let the Weak Say They are Strong"

    Father, I thank You that You are the same Yesterday, Today and forever more. People change, places change, but I am so grateful that You never change, and Your Word never changes!
    With my lips have I declared and recounted all the Ordinances of Your Mouth.
    Your Word is always powerful and it never loses its power, for you are the same God Today, Yesterday, and you will be the same God Tomorrow.

  • Prayer for "My Word My Word"

    Father, I thank You for Your Word. For  you said that Your Word will never return unto you void... but it will always accomplish what You sent it out to do (Isa.55:11).
    I thank You that I am created in Your image and in your likeness and as an Imitator of you, I can send forth Your Word and it will always bring back good results and achieve whatever I send it out to do.
    Your Word will bring healing to my body and prosperity in my life.

  • Prayer for “The Spiritual and Universal Law of Sowing & Reaping”

    Father, I thank You that You have blessed us with a good mind - a Christ-Like mind - and I thank You that You have given us every tool we need to Renew our minds, to Re-Wire our brains to think like You.
    You said Lord, that You would not have us to be ignorant of Your Word. Your Word says that the devil roams around like a lion just looking for someone to devour, someone he can deceive by filling our minds with lies, getting us to take the thoughts that he puts into our minds.

  • Prayer for “Take No Thought”

    Father, I thank You for Your presence in my life and I thank for sending the Holy Spirit to teach us and give us revelation of Your Word.
    You said Lord, not to Take Any Thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow shall Take Thought for the things of itself; sufficient for the day is its own trouble. You said for us to give attention to what You are doing right now and for us not to get all worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

  • Prayer for “The Power of Right Thinking”

    Father, I pray that the words in this message that we have just heard will be like the ones David spoke of in psalm 119; when he said, “How sweet are Your Words to my Taste; sweeter than honey to my mouth.” And Jeremiah said, “Your Words O Lord, were found... and I ate them ...and Your Word became to me ...the gladness and joy of my heart... For I am called by Your name O Jehovah, God of Hosts...”

  • Prayer for “The Heart Mind Connection“

    Father, I thank you that according to Your Word, You said as a man thinks in his heart so is he.
    Help us Lord, to get a deeper revelation of the words coming out of our mouths and the effect they have in receiving blessings from You. Help us Lord, to be as David and put a bridle on our mouths so that we will not continue to Speak vain and idle words and to even separate ourselves from those who do.

  • Prayer for “Your Angels are Rejoicing”

    Lord, I thank You that you said if one of your sheep were to get lost that you would leave the 99 others and go search for the one that is lost, and you will search until he is found. And when you find the lost sheep, you said there would be much Rejoicing in heaven. Thank You Jesus!
    Father, there are many of Your sheep that are in need of being found. Some don’t even know they are lost. They are not lost in the sense that they don’t know You Lord, but they are lost in their circumstances. Some are sick, some are hurting, and some need their financial needs met.

  • Prayer for “Mountain Moving Faith”

    Father, thank You that according to Your Word, You have given us all a measure of Your faith — Mountain Moving faith. Hallelujah!
    And it was through that same faith that Abraham became the father of many Nations; and it was not because he lived like a saint and did everything right, but because You made something out of Abraham even when he was a No Body because he dared to trust You.
    Father, I pray that we will all have that same kind of faith and trust in You — the faith to trust You to do what You said You would do.

  • Prayer for "Understanding Spirit, Soul & Body"

    Lord, Your Word says that You created us with a Spirit, Soul and Body and that our spirit is the part of us that got born again. Help us Lord to renew our minds daily on your Word so that our souls will be able to receive from our spirit. Because according to Your Word our spirit is the part of us that all of Your life and power flows through.
    Father, I pray that we will be as Paul and bring our flesh into submission daily and not be ruled by it.

  • Prayer for "Renewing your Mind for a Breakthrough"

    Lord, Your Word tells us not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds—not to copy the behavior and customs of this world, but to let You transform us into a new person by changing the way we think so that we will know what Your will is for us.
    And according to Your Word, your will is to prosper us and for us to be in good health even as our soul prospers. Thank You Jesus.