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March, 2017 Newsletter

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A Word from Pastor Jo

Hebrews 1:14 - Therefore, angels are only servants-spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.

Saints, I'm excited to announce my latest booklet, "Angels and the Supernatural," is now available for order on my website. 

I wanted to write about Angels for quite some time. I think the subject of Angels is an important one that Christians don't talk much about. 

But scripture is full of stories about Angels, and the Bible has a lot to say about their character and nature. The bottom line for you, Saints, is this: Angels are real! They are messengers and protectors sent by God to safeguard His children in this life. And they answer only to the will of the Father. 

When Jesus was arrested in the Garden, his closest disciples tried to defend him from the Roman soldiers. But Jesus rebuked them, saying, "Don't you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly?" Jesus wasn't afraid. Though he knew the painful road before him, He knew He was doing His Father's will. 

There is nowhere on Earth you can find yourself where God and His Angels cannot protect you. So, have not a spirit of fear, but a spirit of hope, remembering that an Angel is watching over you - right now! 

Praise Report

Dear Pastor Ramsay,

I am so blessed by your ministry! I am a nurse and I want to overcome all the limitations I place on God. I declare the Devil will steal from me no more. 

I see how the Lord is working in my life. I want what He wants for me. I really get a good feeling from you and your teachings. You are a very special teacher. I know life has not been easy for you but your love for the Lord definitely sparkles. I love the way you teach God's Word. I am being set Free form Obesity, Anxiety and Depression, thanks to the teaching I have received from you. You have no idea how your teachings have encouraged me. Thank you Pastor Jo!

- Isis

Dear Isis,

Isis, you are so welcome - and yes, you are right. The Devil will steal from you no more because according to God's Word he will have to give back everything he stole from you 7 times over (Prov.6:31). No, life has not always been easy for me but, just as He has done for you, the Lord has helped me to become the overcomer He created us to be. 

Let us continue to overcome, together! 
God Bless You,

- Pastor Jo

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Saints, my newest booklet about Angels is now available to order!

Inside, I unpack what scripture tells us about Angels, who they are, how they work, and what they do in our lives. Most importantly, I explain how Angels fit into the Gospel story, and God's ongoing mission to redeem each and every one of His children. Be encouraged as you discover how Angels protect and guide God's children.

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