The Weapons of a Warrior - Study Guide

In these troubled times we need...

  • more knowledge of how to wield the Word against the forces of darkness.
  • more awareness of how to access the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • more faith in God’s ability to miraculously heal bodies and open hardened hearts.
  • more insight to effectively apply the Word so others will be drawn to Jesus.

These pages contain the tools you need to accomplish these things and more. In The Weapons of a
Warrior: A Soldier’s Handbook for Spiritual Warfare
, Pastor JoAnne Ramsay outlined strategies to
equip you with strength, wisdom, and discernment. This companion study will guide you into how
respond to the Lord as He trains you to wield His sword, the Word of God. This book is your spiritual
boot camp training manual. Journal pages are included at the end of each chapter so you can record
your personal marching orders as the Holy Spirit reveals them. Use these pages to clarify your God given
calling, and go forth with courage, conviction, and confidence!

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