Prayer for “God’s Word: Use as Directed Or Take as Needed"

Father, Your Word tells us to Pay Close Attention to Your Word and to open our ears to what You have to say. You said for us not to let Your Word depart from our eyes and to never lose sight of them for Your Word brings life to all those who find them and healing to their whole body.

Father, we thank You that with the help of The Holy Spirit, we will be able to recall all of Your Word and also be able to guard our hearts above all else. For by doing so, Your Word will determine the course of our lives.

Help us Lord to keep looking ahead so we will be able to keep our eyes fixed on what lies before us. Help us Lord not to get sidetracked. And we pray You will mark out a safe path for our feet. Thank You Jesus!

Father, You said that Satan comes immediately to steal away Your Word as soon as it is sown into our hearts, before it has even had a chance to take root and bear any fruit, before it has had a chance to produce anything! You said Lord, that it is because they did not understand Your Word. so Satan was able to steal it away from them.

Lord, we pray that You will give us true understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven so that when we sow our seeds (Your Word) that it will produce a 100 fold return. We pray for the wisdom and the grace to always sow into fertile soil. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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