My Word My Word

Saints, “Your Heart Believes What it Hears Your Mouth Say“ and you may not realize it but your mouth is the heart's tool for implementing. In other words, your mouth is the MOST influential voice in your life and one of Satan's greatest weapons against you, But you have been given a greater weapon. You have the Word.


Prayer for "My Word My Word"

Father, I thank You for Your Word. For  you said that Your Word will never return unto you void... but it will always accomplish what You sent it out to do (Isa.55:11).
I thank You that I am created in Your image and in your likeness and as an Imitator of you, I can send forth Your Word and it will always bring back good results and achieve whatever I send it out to do.
Your Word will bring healing to my body and prosperity in my life.
Help me Oh Lord, to understand that my heart WILL believe what it hears my mouth say, that my mouth is my hearts tool for bringing forth my harvest and IT IS also my Greatest Weapon against my enemy, Satan.
I thank you Father, that the words that come out of my mouth WILL NOT come back empty-handed. But, they will complete the assignment that they are sent out to do. Help me to be more conscious of the words coming out of my mouth and help me to always Speak Life and not Death. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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