Take No Thought

I believe this is a message that will open your eyes to the importance of your thoughts. Most believers are not aware that it's their thoughts that are blocking them from receiving from God and getting their prayers answered. I believe, based on the Word of God in James 3:2 and scientific research, that we can turn our whole lives around simply by changing the way we think and speak (for our thoughts become words).


Prayer for “Take No Thought”

Father, I thank You for Your presence in my life and I thank for sending the Holy Spirit to teach us and give us revelation of Your Word.
You said Lord, not to Take Any Thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow shall Take Thought for the things of itself; sufficient for the day is its own trouble. You said for us to give attention to what You are doing right now and for us not to get all worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.
Thank You Lord, for Your promise to help us deal with anything whatever hard things that come our way. Nothing is to hard for You. Help us to understand that there will be consequences to the Thoughts we choose to think.
Help us Lord to bring those thoughts of Anger, Fear, and Frustration into captivity by choosing to “Speak Your Word” and by focusing on the things above and not on things of this earth like love, joy and gratitude.
Thank you for this awesome mind that you have blessed us with - a mind to choose the good things and the ability to “Renew Our Minds”. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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